For this project we remodeled completely a family house  in Los Yoses.
This house, originally built in 1974, presented itself as a fixer-upper with plenty of potential and generally a good spatial layout; the final result was accomplished in just a month and a half, within a limited budget. Our mission consisted on working with Camila’s vision and cleaning the old, decayed parts of the building, to create a family home with open spaces and an industrial, contemporary, minimal finish. This was accomplished by profiting from the raw materials exposing the concrete structure in the ceilings and the terrazzo and wood from the floors.

Location: Los Yoses, CR
Year: 2018

Architect: Luis Rubino
Furniture: Santa Furia
Project team: Sofía Suarez

Client: Camila Jurado
Estructural Enginer: Jose Daniel Gutiérrez

Photography: Roberto D' Ambrosio