0004  SIMPLE


Location: Escazú, CR
Year: 2018

Architect: Luis Rubino
Design: Santa Furia
Team Project: Ana María Blanco, Gloriana Drossos, Andrea Seas, Sofía Suarez

Lamps: Kaba
Branding: The Green Creative
Contractor: Ayarco - Jose Nuñez y Rodolfo Piza

Photgraphy: Roberto D' Ambrosio / Urban Bones

For this project, Santa Furia developed the space and furniture for Simple, a clean-eating restaurant located in Escazú.

Following the brand’s vision of creating a fresh, honest and transparent food experience, Santa Furia worked in developing a space that embodied such values. Through a careful selection of materials, Santa Furia created an image based on the idea of an organic, nutritious, simple meal and its power to transform the body of those who consume it. This transformation is translated into the design through an emphasis in transition spaces and contrasts, mixing raw, honest materials with fresh, pastel colors and curved silhouettes that are inspired in natural shapes, reiterating Simple’s mantra.