Ubicación: Barrio Escalante
Año: 2018

Arquitectos: Gloriana Drossos,  Luis Rubino
Diseño de espacio y mobiliario: Luis Rubino, Gloriana Drossos
Colaboradores: Sofía Suárez

Fotografía: Roberto D’ Ambrosio


For this project, we designed the space for Mini Market: a convenience store that also works as a pet store.

The store is built inside a container, located in a dog park in Barrio Escalante, San José. We wanted to create a contrast between the outside look of the Mini Market -which is black-, with earthy and bright tones of the inside of the store. This is the first location in CR to sell dog food in bulk, so we created the shelving to support the food dispensers adequately. For us, it was very important to represent the organic, slow approach of Mini Market, this is why we chose pine plywood as our main material, to create a raw but clean atmosphere.